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cmiVFX – Multi-Use Character Setup For TD’s

  • تاریخ: 14 Nov 2011

cmiVFX – Multi-Use Character Setup For TD’s

در این آموزش که جزء آموزش های حرفه ای  Masterclass  هم هست ، یاد خواهید گرفت که مشکلات انتقال اطلاعات انیمیشن بین برنامه های سه بعدی را  حل کنید

cmiVFX – Multi-Use Character Setup For TD’s
English | WebM 1024 x 576 | 5 hr.24 min. | + Exercise files | 1,4 GB
Genre: eLearning

In this course, you will be able to solve the usual problems of transferring our animation data, effectively between different 3D programs for true interoperability. This is the ultimate masterclass in animation data.
Video 01: Multi-Use Character Setups for TD’s
MoCap Character SetUp, Creating Custom Import Animation Utilities

Previously, we built a CSM exporter in 3DS Max to save Match-Mover tracks data into CSM file to use it for Character Studio.
In this video set, we will go deeper into creating the import_ export_ custom character process from scratch to break the walls between different software programs when dealing with animation data.
Importing Custom Animation Data Into Maya
in This section of the video, we will build a CSM ( positional motion capture data ) the same file we usually use as a motion capture file to transfer a positional data as motion capture file for some programs ( max, endorphin …. ) .
why CSM file, because its special, it can enable us directly importing motion data from match_mover tracks of the woman ( which doesn’t have rotation data ) to guide a custom rig, exactly like CSM file guides character studio in Max, and that will enable us ( as example between two different programs ) to transferring our character’s animation directly ( as we will see ) from Maya into character studio in max and visa versa.
so, we will explain some of MEL ( Maya programing language) variables, which we will use in the importer script, then we will program a CSM importer to bring positional data into Maya from famous CSM file.
Custom Universal Maya Rig ( the same as motion builder universal character ):
in This section of the video we will go in the process of building a custom universal character to receive any kind of recorded data, motion capture or even imported from maya or any program FROM scratch, easy and explained, so we will understand the process of applying and extracting animation data usually happened in ready made character such as character studio in Max and characters in Motion builder.

Video 02: Custom Stretchy Animation Characters

Topics Discussed
• Custom Auto Re_targeted Stretchy Universal Character and export animation utilities
• Building a utility to round numbers we will build a simple utility to round numbers ( decimal values ) in Mel.
• Building a Custom Animation Data Exporter or a save animation utility (Maya)

Adjusting the Exporter to work with other Programs( import/Export )
We will try transferring the Maya’s character animation into 3Ds Max Character Studio easily, and we will discuss other programs animation extensions. For example, Endorphin.
That way we can import and export the animation data between other programs without the need for ready made importers or exporters.
Custom Auto Re-targeted Stretchy Character ( Character who automatically adapts the scale of imported data )
In this section of the video we will discuss using some simple divide and multiply nodes ( hyper-shade’s nodes ) to help us modify our universal character so it will be able to stretch all its parts ( limbs and head and spine ) to Automatically rescale it self to fit the data usually assigned to CSM files from different characters scales. We will then solve missing track data problems which still existed in Max’s character studio


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cmiVFX – Multi-Use Character Setup For TD’s

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